Operation of the towers

Operation of the Towers

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Operation of the Antifreeze Towers and Protections

The Spring frost causes enormous damage on the crops when the temperature drops below 0°C. The ground absorbs and stores the heat caused by the sun’s rays during the day and sends it back when the air is cooling all night long. Generally, an important loss of heat happens before the sun rise, which causes the most serious damages by the frost. The heat reflected by the ground at night forms an inversion layer about 10-15 metres high.

Only the antifreeze towers cause the warm air, located in the inversion layer, to move towards the cold air located at the ground level. The antifreeze towers have a tower of 10.5 metres high with a diameter of 51 cm, an engine placed in a watertight enclosure, a fuel tank, a control panel and a propeller on the tower.

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