Mobile Wind Machine MKe

Mobile Wind Machine MK1
25 June 2021
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Mobile wind Machine MKe

protection zone > below 3 ha

Mobile wind Machine

Technical characteristics

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MotorElectric - Power 15 kW + Generator 35 kva
Dimensions (open)Maximum height : 8 metres
Wind machine : 2 metres
Dimensions (closed)Lenght : 585 cm
Width : 232cm
Height : 285cm
TransportTractor or SUV
Setup180° / 360°
Stability4 telescopic legs
Tower operationHydraulic
Propeller materialCast aluminium
Propelled air speed20 m/s (protected area - up to 3,5 Ha)
Sound level45 dB / 300 m
OperationAutomatic start via temperature probes in the upper and in the lower part
MaintenanceLubrication and refueling can be done in lowered position
In order to benefit from THERMAL INVERSION, the tower must be put into operation when the temperature is still positive between +0,5° and +1,5° (wet temperature).
The use of heater when the temperature reaches the critical point, allows an increase to +2°C of the temperature of the protected area.
With black frost, without thermal inversion, the use of the tower with an external heat source is essential.

* Theoretical layout under the influence of air mass, with positive thermal inversion, air humidity of 75%, non-dry soils, without winds, with sufficient heating, within the limit of a white frost of -2.5°C. This document has only an indicative and non-contractual informative value, not engaging the responsibility of RN7AS, nor the results obtained.

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