Thermoboost VF3

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16 March 2022
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28 June 2021
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Thermoboost VF3

Heating System for the Antifreeze Tower / WIND MACHINE

Thermoboost VF3

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Technical characteristics

étoile Heating System Thermoboost VF3

MaterialRefractory Steel
Burnerburner x3 Pellet
Height4 meters
4 heating positions for 4 power levels200 kW/hour
400 kW/hour
600 kW/hour
800 kW/hour
PECULIARITYAdaptable to all brands of machines
In order to benefit from THERMAL INVERSION, the tower must be put into operation when the temperature is still positive between +0,5° and +1,5° (wet temperature).
The use of heater when the temperature reaches the critical point, allows an increase to +2°C of the temperature of the protected area.
With black frost , without thermal inversion, the use of the tower with an external heat source is essential.

* Theoretical layout under the influence of air mass, with positive thermal inversion, air humidity of 75%, non-dry soils, without winds, with sufficient heating, within the limit of a white frost of -2.5°C. This document has only an indicative and non-contractual informative value, not engaging the responsibility of RN7AS, nor the results obtained.

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