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Fixed Antifreeze Tower

Compact and quick to install, the RN7 Gener antifreeze protection tower is efficient and economical. Protection range up to 7.5 ha. 10-year warranty. VOLVO engines made in Lyon, France.



Mobile Antifreeze Tower

With a wide range of mobile and folding towers, suitable for all types of terrain in plains, valleys or mountains, these mobile anti-freeze towers are nowadays trending in markets. Protection range for up to 4 ha.



Folding Antifreeze Tower

This folding antifreeze tower is easy to install without a crane, and folds down once the season is over. Protection range for up to 6 ha. Integration into the landscape.



Fixed Antifreeze Tower for Tractor

A fixed antifreeze tower specially designed for tractors used in wine-growing and fruit-growing businesses. Enclosures designed in such a way that they consume less tractor power: Minimum power of 100 hp. Protection range for up to 4 ha.



Other Antifreeze Protection Solutions

Specialist in antifreeze control equipment for arboriculture and vineyards, RN7 Agri Services offers a wide range of equipment as per your needs, such as antifreeze control towers, antifreeze control wind machines, antifreeze control boilers, antifreeze control heaters... For help & advise on our products, please call +33 (0)4 28 79 00 14.



The Vitichauffe Heater

An innovative and ideal solution to protect crops against the risks of late frost. For help & advise on our products, please call+33 (04 28 79 00 14).


Tower Operation and Antifreeze Protection


Spring frost causes massive damages to crops when the temperature drops below 0°C. The soil absorbs and stores the heat generated by the sun's rays during the day, and reflects it back to the cooling air all night long. In general, a significant loss of heat occurs before sunrise, resulting in the most severe frost damage. The heat reflected from the ground at night forms an inversion layer at a height of about 10-15 metres.

Only antifreeze towers can cause a flow in the hot air which was detected in the inversion layer towards the cold air at ground level. Antifreeze towers consist of a 10.50 m high tower, 51 cm in diameter, an engine placed in a sealed enclosure, a fuel tank, a control panel and a propeller on the tower.

The area protected by the fans is never circular. It takes on an oval shape, depending on the direction of the prevailing wind. In general, the protected area is equal to 2/3 of the wind direction and 1/3 of the opposite direction.

Antifreeze towers should be installed according to the prevailing wind direction.
The wind direction depends on the slope of the ground and the regional topography.
A consulting team at the manufacturing site installs the antifreeze towers as per your needs.

RN7 Agri Services: Specialist in Antifreeze Towers and Protection Solutions

15 years of experience in frost control in arboriculture & viticulture.

Located in the Rhône Valley, in the heart of an area dedicated to vineyards and arboriculture, RN7 Agri Services is a company with human scale, serious and reactive. Study, installation, maintenance, etc. RN7 Agri Services operates its business all around France, where the problem of crop frost is still present. Why should you trust us? Because we are specialists, with a core business in frost control.

Our quality commitments:

  • Study & Advice : before any installation, our consulting team analyses the topography and land structure, in order to offer you the best equipment, suited to your needs.
  • Ensuring Equipment Quality: RN7 Agri Services has selected trustworthy brand and products best known for their performances. 10-year warranty on the RN7 Gener antifreeze tower range.
  • 24/7 Support: RN7 Agri Services ensures the installation and maintenance of its equipment. Our autonomous workshop trucks intervene quickly on all types of land structure. We ensure the follow-up for spare parts and any replacement of parts, repairs, etc.
  • New and Used Equipment Offer: RN7 Agri Services offers a wide range of new and used antifreeze towers. Contact us on +33 04 28 79 00 14.

Our Various Manufacturer and Partner Brands

Technical Features of Our Products

Technical Data Sheets | Engine | Antifreeze Tower Type | Decelerator | Enclosure | Shaft | Clutch

The characteristics of the RN7 GENER anti-frost towers

GENER wind machine - VOLVO v1

Optimal Protection Area up to 7.5 hectares

GENER wind machine - VOLVO v2

Optimal Protection Area up to 5 hectares

Features of Mobile Antifreeze Towers

GENER wind machine - Volvo p1

Optimal Protection Area up to 4 hectares

Frost Fan - Honda MK1

Optimal Protection Area up to 3 hectares


  • Honda 23 HP petrol engine, 2-cylinder V-engine "Industrial Type" for continuous operation. Propelled air speed: 20 m/s (protected area up to 3.5 Ha)
  • Standard controller
  • Propeller made of cast aluminium


  • Diesel engine 30 HP, 3-cylinders, in-line.
  • Fan: Propeller made of composite plastic materials.
  • Propelled air speed: 24 m/s to cover up to 5.5 hectares.
  • Automatic machine start-stop according to the recorded temperatures.
  • Controller in 5 different languages.


  • Fully hydraulic tower operation
  • 4 telescopic legs for good stability
  • Noise level: 45 dB / 300 m
  • Transport with tractor or SUV
  • Maintenance, lubrication and refuelling can be performed in the lowered position.


You can also work in the same direction where the cold air blows (Figure 1).


You can also work in a full circle (Figure 2)

  • No need to remove plans for installation, maximising yield.
  • No installation required
  • Fully movable to protect different crops at different times

Features of Folding Antifreeze Towers

Gener wind machine - Volvo V1F

Optimal Protection Area up to 7,5 hectares

Features of Fixed Antifreeze Towers for Tractors

Gener wind machine - grip force V3

Optimal Protection Area up to 3,5 hectares

Features of Our Other Antifreeze Protections

80 litre capacity

  • Duration: approximately 5 to 6 hours *
  • 100% natural and renewable wax composition
  • Very low smoke emissions
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy and convenient handling
  • Stackable metal bucket with handle and cover
  • Biodegradable product
  • Insoluble in water
  • Very fast ignition. Extinguish freely.
  • Sold in pallets of 12 plugs

*Average autonomy may be lower depending on the weather conditions, wind direction, atmospheric pressure and spark plug positioning (faster combustion if the spark plug is slightly inclined or the ground is sloping).

The use of a chimney is highly recommended, it improves the draught and its heat capacity.

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Frostbuster is certainly a unique machine for fighting against the late frosts.

Frostbuster can be used where there is no water available; it also works with wind, and improves fruiting.

Price : from € 2,500 per hectare !

The machine consists of a turbine with a gas burner which heats the air. The tractor drives the turbine with the PTO (540 rpm), and the turbine spreads the heated air up to 100 metres. (50 metres on each side)

Frostbuster mixes a limited amount of heated air and impels warm air towards the ground. The air measures 80-100° at the turbine outlet, but 1 metre further, the temperature is of only 20°, so your plants do not suffer from any damages. The machine consumes 40 to 45 kg propane gas per hour.

It is very important to start on time, i.e. at a temperature of +1° in order to balance the radiation. The area that you can protect from frost will depend on its location and configuration. It is easier to protect a square or rectangular area than an area with many corners. A path must be opened in the protected area. (Normally, we calculate the ideal path for you). The maximum distance of the rolling strips is 100 metres. Usually we make strips of 60 to 90 metres..

It is very important for you to pass over the same places with a time gap of 7 to 10 minutes and keep a speed of 4 to 8 km/hour. Each passage causes a rise in temperature which afterwards goes down; if we maintain this temperature fluctuation, the plants and flowers will be protected.

Each rise in temperature has the effect of lowering the humidity level. This way, we can delay the dew point and also the frost point. Result: less or no frost with no damage.

Three key points for the good protection achieved by Frostbuster:

  • The increase in temperature.
  • Temperature variation: each time Frostbuster passes, the temperature rises and the air cools down. If this fluctuation is repeated every 10 minutes, the outcome is a good protection.
  • The most important factor is probably the influence on the relative humidity. The relative humidity drops with the use of Frostbuster, and thus the dew point is delayed. This way, there is no or less frost in the treated areas. And it is mainly the frost that causes damage.
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FROSTGUARD is equipped with a single burner and a powerful fan driven by a propane gas engine. Once the machine is started and the temperature is set, FROSTGUARD does the rest. The capacity of the gas cylinders is sufficient to guarantee a full night's autonomy.

FROSTGUARD works on the same principle as FROSTBUSTER, which is moved by a tractor travelling through the areas. FROSTGUARD remains in the same place, but its outlet swivels up to 360° in order to allow oval or circular protection. The three key points for the good protection achieved by FrostGuard:

  • Increase in temperature.
  • Temperature fluctuation: each time the fan outlet passes, the temperature rises and the air cools down. If this fluctuation is repeated every 10 minutes, the outcome is a good protection.
  • The most important factor is probably the influence on the relative humidity. Relative humidity drops when working with FrostGuard. Therefore, the dew point is delayed. This way, there is no or less frost in the treated areas. And it is mainly the frost that causes the damage.

Used in vineyards, orchards, greenhouses, market gardening, strawberries, etc.

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Connected Frost Alarm Clocks

The frost alert app is connected to your smartphone or computer: the Sencrop station warns you in real time through the positioning of stations in different parts of your vineyard or orchard:

  • Live wet-bulb temperature connected alarm
  • Wake up at the right time to activate your anti-freeze system
  • Protect your crops from frost
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Features of The Vitichauffe Heater

The Vitichauffe Heater VT1

A qualified process N ° FR 191 13 95

Our Services for Your Towers and Antifreeze Protection Solutions

Agricultural project study | Antifreeze protection installation | Multi-brand antifreeze tower maintenance

Agricultural Project Study with
Antifreeze Tower Installation

Define the best location, depending on the terrain and crops

For 15 years, RN7 Agri Services has been working in the field of vine and arboriculture protection towers. Its mission? To set up a high-performance system, the efficiency which you can appreciate. It is therefore essential and very important to know the terrain, its slope and orientation to analyse your needs in detail.

RN7 Agri Services will visit the site, analyse your needs and study the ideal implementation of the appropriate antifreeze tower model. Coastal surveys, calculations, plans: our consulting team will

advise and provide you with a detailed study, accompanied by a plan.

We then choose the right equipment: RN7 Agri Services is not here to sell you one antifreeze tower rather than another! Nothing is mandatory, we focus only on the features and needs that will be best suit your case. Our technical team then provides the installation and commissioning, through our autonomous intervention trucks.

Contact +33 04 28 79 00 14 - Quote within 48 hours

Multi-brand Antifreeze Protection

Ensuring equipment monitoring, assisting you in all circumstances.

Service, repair, part replacement, etc. RN7 Agri Services and its autonomous workshop trucks travel all over France to provide maintenance for your antifreeze tower or other antifreeze devices.

We guarantee:

  • Maintenance for all brands: Orchard Rite, ClavauxGyromass, AID Rosatello, Amarillo &Chinoock./
  • 10-year warranty on the RN7 Gener antifreeze tower.
  • Ordering, monitoring and replacement for worn or defective parts.
  • Design and manufacture of customised spare parts if required.
  • Refurbishment of your enclosures and clutches in our workshops.
  • Control, repair and balancing for your blades and propellers.

RN7 Agri Services, your specialist in vine and arboriculture antifreeze towers is always at your service for any maintenance requests.

Financing Your Antifreeze Protection Solution & Antifreeze Tower Projects

We offer you financing solutions with our various banking partners

RN7 Agri Services offers you a financing solution for your antifreeze equipment, in partnership with French banks.
Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel, Banque Populaire

Exclusively through RN7 Agri Services, RN7 antifreeze towers are financed over 10 years and guaranteed for 10 years! The winning solution!

Price starts from € 600+VATper hectare

Would you like to benefit from our expertise in antifreeze protection?

Our teams are always by your side to study your installation and maintenance projects.

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