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Fixed anti-frost Tower

Compact and quick to install, the RN7 Gener anti-frost tower is both efficient and economical. Protection range up to 7,5 ha. 10 years warranty. VOLVO engines manufactured in France, in Lyon.

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Mobile anti-frost tower

Easy moving and adapting to all terrains on plains, in valleys or in mountains, this mobile anti-frost tower is the most efficient on the market. Protection range up to 4 ha.

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Folding anti-frost tower

This folding anti-frost tower is easy to install without a crane and folds once the season is over. Protection range up to 6 ha. Integration into the landscape

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Fixed anti-frost tower for tractor

Fixed anti-frost tower specially designed for tractors specializing in vineyards and fruit trees. Box designed for being used from a small tractor power: Minimum power of 100 HP. Protection range up to 4 ha.

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Other anti-frost protections

Specialist of anti-frost control device for arboriculture and vine, RN7 Agri Services offers a wide choice of equipment, adapted to your needs: anti-frost tower, anti-frost wind machine, anti-frost boiler, anti-frost heater ... Advice and information on our products : +33 04 28 79 00 14.

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Functioning of towers and anti-frost protection


Spring frost causes enormous damage to crops when the temperature drops below 0°C. The soil absorbs and stores the heat from the sun's rays during the day and returns it to the cooling of the air all night long. In general, a significant heat loss occurs before sunrise, resulting in the most severe damages caused by frost. The heat reflected by the ground at night forms an inversion layer at about the height of 10-15 meters.

Only anti-frost towers cause a movement of the warm air, located in the inversion layer, to the cold air located at ground level. The anti-frost towers include a 10,50 m high and 51 cm diameter tower, a motor placed in a water-tight enclosure, a fuel tank, a control panel and a propeller on the tower.

The surface protected by the fans is never circular. It takes an oval shape depending on the direction of the prevailing wind. In general, the protected surface is equal to 2/3 of its wind direction and 1/3 of its reverse direction.

Anti-frost towers must be installed taking into account the direction of the prevailing wind.
The direction of the wind depends on the slope of the ground and the regional topography.
A technical design office at the plant implements anti-frost towers on your plans.

The company RN7 Agri Services: The specialist
of anti-frost tower and anti-frost protection!

15 years of experience in anti-frost protection for arboriculture & viticulture.

Located in the Rhône Valley, in the heart of an area dedicated to vineyards and arboriculture, RN7 Agri Services is a small, reliable company that responds quickly. Study, installation, maintenance ... RN7 Agri Services operates everywhere in France, wherever the problem of crop frost is present. Why put your trust in us ? Because we are specialists, with a core business: anti-frost protection.

Our quality commitments:

  • Study & advise : Prior to any installation, our design office analyzes the topography and situation of the land to offer you the implantation device that best suits your needs.
  • Ensure the quality equipment : RN7 Agri Services has selected reliable brands and products, recognized for their performance. 10 years warranty on the RN7 Gener anti-frost tower range.
  • Back you up from A to Z: RN7 Agri Services ensures the installation of equipment and its maintenance. Our autonomous workshop trucks intervene quickly on all types of terrain. We ensure the follow-up of spare parts and any replacement of parts, repair ...
  • Propose new and used equipment: RN7 Agri Services distributes a wide range of new and used anti-frost tower. Contact us on +33 04 28 79 00 14.

Our different manufacturer brands and partners

Technical characteristics of our products

Technical Sheets | Motorization | Type of anti-frost tower |Reduction gearbox | Cabin | Shaft | Clutch

The characteristics of the RN7 GENER anti-frost towers

  • Economical
    First class energy efficiency in high autonomy
  • Compact and quick installation
  • Resistance and low noise
    Low DB level, well balanced and suitable for long-term work
  • Power and torque
    Maximum power and low-end torque and low fuel consumption (average fuel consumption 26 litres/h)
  • Service and maintenance
    Easy to reach service and maintenance points
Engine code TAD541VE
Number and series of cylinders 4 cylinders
Engine volume 5.130CC
Dry weight 556kg
Power 175Hp (129kW)
Torque 810Nm
Maximum engine limit 2,200rpm

The GENER FrostGuard V1 anti-frost towers are equipped with Volvo Penta TAD 541-VE engines of Swedish origin.

The electronically controlled engine is a 4 cylinder diesel engine of 5.0 liters with a liquid cooling and Common rail direct injection. The engine runs between 1800-2200 revolutions per minute and produces a constant power of 175 HP (129kW).

Compared to other engines used in the industry, the required power is provided at lower engine rotational speeds.

This feature significantly saves fuel consumption and reduces usage expenses.

  • The two-blade propeller is entirely made of fibreglass composite material.
  • It is modeled in a virtual 3D environment.
  • Dynamic balance against oscillation.
  • The distance between the two ends of the blade is 6 meters.

Engine operating speed : 1580 rpm
Gear ratio : Lower gear 2.25
Upper gear : 1.2 Propeller speed : 585 rpm
Optimum protection range 6 to 7,5 Hectares

  • Made of galvanized steel, with a length of 10,50 m, an outside diameter of 51 cm, a thickness of 8 mm and a weight of 1300 kg.
  • There are 4 maintenance windows for maintaining the transmission.
  • Since the tower is galvanized, periodic maintenance and painting are not required.
  • The vibration sensor is built into the tower and is standard. If a strong vibration is felt by the sensor, the tower stops automatically.
  • The anemometer is also standard and protects the tower against possible gusts of wind.
  • A solar panel provides power for the battery and keeps the battery charged during unused periods.
  • 10 year warranty

GENER FrostGuard V1 anti-frost towers are equipped with Murphy Power-core MPC-10 control units which are located in the closed cab.

The operating system automatically manages the start and stop of the anti-frost tower.

The user sets the start and stop temperature, the temperature sensor transmits the ambient temperature to the Murphy box which starts or stops the tower automatically when it reaches the recorded values.

All the parameters can be monitored during engine operation via a LCD screen.
The system has a menu in French, easy to use.
The control and monitoring system can be adapted to the demand on the phone.

The main body is cast in ductile iron and highly resistant. The internal parts are made of special steel.

  • Gear reducers reduce the rotational speed of the engine from 1725rpm to 560rpm

The upper gearbox allows the propeller to take a full turn around the tower in 4,5 minutes

  • It consists of three parts.
  • The top and bottom are manufactured and balanced in telescopic construction to ease installation and maintenance.
  • It is made of galvanized sheet from 1,5 to 3mm.
  • It is painted with electrostatic powder paint.
  • Resistant to extreme conditions.
  • It provides easy access to all sides of the engine with 4 doors and a special locking system on both sides of the anti intrusion cabin
  • The cabin has a fuel tank with a capacity of 7401t.
    The tank is located under the engine and is locked against vandalism. The thickness of the walls is 4mm.
  • The 10-inch diameter clutch is specially manufactured for Volvo Penta TAD Series 541-VE engine industrial standards with a power output of 129 kW (175 HP) at 2200 rpm.

The characteristics of TOW AND BLOW anti-frost towers


Anti-frost protection is based on the redistribution of hot air.

This mobile wind machine can be placed on plains, in valleys or in mountains; no other fan will be able to protect your crops as well.

Thanks to the modifiable angle of the fan, the Tow and Blow anti-frost tower provides more protection than ever before.

Protecting by model up to 4 hectares at the same time, Tow and Blow does not require support bases or building permits, it is incredibly quiet and has low energy consumption.

Towable by a motor vehicle or tractor, Tow and Blow raises the standards when it comes to mobility, manoeuvrability, flexibility and accessibility.


  • 23 HP Honda petrol engine, 2-cylinder "Industrial Type" V-type engine for continuous operation.
  • Propelled air speed: 20 m/s (protected surface up to 3,5 Ha)
  • Conventional controller
  • Propeller made of cast aluminium


  • 30 HP Diesel Engine, Inline 3-Cylinders Engine.
  • Fan: Propeller made of plastic composite material.
    Propelled air speed 24 m/s to cover up to 5,5 hectares.
  • Start and stop of the automatic machine according to the recorded temperatures.
  • Controller in 5 different languages.


  • Tower operations completely hydraulic
  • 4 telescopic arms for good stability
  • Noise level: 45 dB / 300 m
  • Transport with tractor or SUV
  • Maintenance, lubrication and refuelling can be performed in the lowered position


You can also work in the same direction of the cold air movement (Figure 1)


You can also work full circle (Figure 2)

  • No need to remove plantings for installation, yield maximisation.
  • No installation required
  • Fully movable to protect different crops at different times

The characteristics of EOLE anti-frost towers

The EOLE tower from the SPAG company is the most effective solution to protect your crops against the harmful effects of frost

The EOLE tower can change the ambient temperature. Thanks to its 360-degree constant airflow, the «EOLE» tower provides the necessary conditions to prevent frost in crops.

The Tower

  • Height of 10,5 metres.
  • Access and protection elements.
  • Complete transmission system.
  • A tilt angle of 7,5º that noticeably improves the flow of air supplied.

The Propellers

  • 3,5 kg each blade.
  • It propels 45000 m3/min.


  • Adaptable to any type of operating engine:
  • Petrol or diesel.
  • Electric
  • Gas

System Management

  • Temperature sensors for automatic start.
  • Speed variation system to optimize the result.


  • Made of refractory steel.
  • Height 6 metres.
  • Increase the temperature by + 2ºC.


Two types of burners:

  • 380 volts (1,000,000 Calories/hour)
  • 12 volts (3 powers : 800 000 calories/hour ; 1,000,000 calories/hour ; 1,600,000 calories/ hour)

Heating boiler

  • Made of refractory steel.
  • Height 6 meters.
  • Increases the temperature by + 2ºC.

Burners 12 volts(3 powers: 800 000 calories/hour ; 1,000,000 calories/hour ; 1,600,000 calories/ hour)

Temperature management by real-time temperature monitoring.

Mobile information management option.

  • Easy installation without crane.
  • The hydraulic arm performs tilt.
  • Easy disassembly once the season is over.
  • Easy handling of this type of tower.

The characteristics of anti-frost towers RN7-GENER V3

  • PTO drive 540 rpm
  • Specially designed for specialized tractors in vineyard and fruit trees
  • Enclosure designed to be used from the small power of a tractor
  • Minimum tractor power 100 HP
  • Propellers of 5,60 m, rotation at 584 rpm
  • Galvanized tower of 10,50 m
  • 2 years warranty
  • Protective cover of 3,5-4 hectares

The characteristics of other of our anti-frost protections

Capacity of 80 litres

  • Duration: about 5 to 6 hours *
  • Composition 100% wax of natural and renewable origin
  • Very low smoke emissions
  • Eco-friendly
  • Very clean and convenient handling
  • Stackable metal bucket with handle and lid
  • Biodegradable product
  • Insoluble in water
  • Very fast ignition. Extinction at will.
  • Sold by pallet of 12 candles

*Average autonomy which can be lower according to the climatic conditions, wind, atmospheric pressure and the candle positioning (faster burning if the candle is slightly inclined or the ground is sloped)

The use of a chimney is highly recommended as it improves its heat capacity

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Frostbuster is certainly a unique machine in the fight against late frosts.

Frostbuster can be used where there is no water available; it also works with wind and it can improve fruit-bearing.

Price : from € 2,500 per hectare !!

The machine consists of a turbine with a gas burner that heats the air. The tractor drives the turbine through the PTO (540 rpm) and the turbine spreads heated air up to 100 metres. (50 metres on each side)

Frostbuster mixes a limited quantity of heated air and sends out warm air near the floor. The heated air is 80 to 100° at the outlet of the turbine, but at one metre distance, the temperature is only 20°; because of this, your plantations do not suffer any damage. The machine consumes 40 to 45 kg propane gas per hour.

It is very important to start in time, that is to say at a temperature of + 1° in order to compensate for the radiation. The surface you can protect from frost will depend on the location and configuration of the plot to be protected. It is easier to protect a square or rectangular plot than a plot with many angles. A route must be drawn on the plot to be protected. (Normally, we calculate the ideal route for you). The maximum distance of the marking strips is 100 metres. Generally, we make strips from 60 to 90 metres.

It is very important that you go to the same places at intervals of 7 to 10 minutes and that you maintain a speed between 4 to 8 km/hour. Each crossing causes a temperature rise which drops thereafter; if we maintain this temperature fluctuation, plants and flowers will be protected.

Each temperature rise lowers the humidity level. In this way, we can delay the dew point and also the frost point. Result: much less frost and no or little damage.

The three points responsible for the good protection achieved by Frostbuster:

  • Temperature rise.
  • Temperature variation: at each passage of Frostbuster, the temperature rises and the air cools. If this fluctuation is repeated every 10 minutes, protection is good.
  • The most important factor is probably the influence on the relative humidity. The relative humidity drops with the use of Frostbuster, and the dew point comes much later. In this way, there is no or much less frost in the treated plots.

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FROSTGUARD is equipped with a single burner and a powerful fan driven by a propane gas engine. Once the machine is started and the temperature set, FROSTGUARD does the rest. The capacity of the gas bottles is enough to ensure a full night autonomy.

FROSTGUARD works on the same principle as FROSTBUSTER which is moved by a tractor moving in the plots, FROSTGUARD remains fixed but its output rotates 360º allowing a protection of oval or circular shape. The three points responsible for the good protection achieved by FrostGuard:

  • Temperature rise.
  • Temperature fluctuation: at each passage of the fan outlet, the temperature rises and the air cools. If this fluctuation is repeated every 10 minutes, protection is good.
  • The most important factor is probably the influence on the relative humidity. The relative humidity drops with the use of FrostGuard. Consequently, the dew point comes much later. In this way, there is no or much less frost in the treated plots.

Applications in vineyards, fruit trees, greenhouses, market gardening, strawberries

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Connected alarm clocks against frost

Program on your smartphone (or computer) connected frost warnings: Sencrop station alerts you in real time by positioning stations at different locations in your vineyard or orchard :

  • Alarm connected live to wet temperature
  • Wake up at the right time to activate your anti-frost system
  • Protect your crops from frost

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Our services for your towers and anti-frost protections

Agricultural project study | Anti-frost protection installation | Maintenance of multi-brand anti-frost towers

Agricultural project study with anti-frost installation

Define the best location, depending on the terrain and crops

For 15 years, RN7 Agri Services has been active in the field of anti-frost tower for vineyard and arboriculture. Its mission ? Setting up a powerful device whose effectiveness you will appreciate. It is therefore first and foremost a question of knowing the terrain, its slope, its orientation and analysing your needs in detail.

RN7 Agri Services visits your plots analyses your needs and studies the ideal implementation of the appropriate anti-frost tower model. Taking measurements, calculations, plans: our design office advises you

and gives you a detailed study, accompanied by a plan.

Then we choose the right equipment: RN7 Agri Services will not give priority to the sale of one anti-frost tower over another one! Nothing is imposed, only the characteristics and the use that will be made of the anti-frost tower count. Our technical team then ensures installation and operation thanks to our autonomous workshop trucks.

Contact +33 04 28 79 00 14 - Quotation within 48 H

Maintenance of multi-brand anti-frost

Ensure the follow-up of the materials, help you in all circumstances.

Review, repair, parts replacement... RN7 Agri Services and its autonomous workshop trucks, move throughout France to ensure the maintenance of your anti-frost tower or other anti-frost device.

We ensure :

  • All-brands maintenance: Orchard Rite, EOLE Mecagri, Clavaux Gyromass, AID Rosatello, Amarillo & Chinoock.
  • The 10 year warranty on the RN7 Gener anti-frost tower.
  • The order, follow-up and replacement of used or defective parts.
  • The design and manufacture of customized spare parts if necessary.
  • The refurbishment of your boxes and clutches in our workshops.
  • The control, repair and balance of your blades and propellers.

RN7 Agri Services, your specialist in anti-frost tower for vine and arboriculture remains at your service for any maintenance request.

Financing of your protection projects and anti-frost towers

We offer financing solutions with our various banking partners

RN7 Agri Services offers a financing solution for your anti-frost equipment, in partnership with French banking institutions
Crédit Agricole, Crédit Mutuel, Banque Populaire

Exclusively at RN7 Agri Services : RN7 anti-frost towers are financed over 10 years and guaranteed for 10 years! The winning solution!

From 600 € (excluding taxes) per hectare

Would you like to use our expertise in frost protection?

Our teams are at your disposal to study your installation and maintenance projects

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