Fixed Antifreeze Tower V1

Fixed Antifreeze Tower V1F Folding
25 June 2021
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Fixed Antifreeze Tower V1 Folding

protection zone > up to 7,5 ha

Fixed Antifreeze Tower

V1 Folding

Technical characteristics

étoile Motor > volvo penta diesel tad541-ve

Power175 HP (129 KW)
Model4 cylinders - 5 litres
Torque / Power810 Nm / 1800-2200 tpm
InjectionDirect - Diesel Common Rail.
Electronic control / Liquid cooling.
Tank740 litres (under the engine)
Locked against vandalism.
Consumption26 l/h

étoile TOwer 8 mm Galvanised Steel

DimensionsLenght : 10,50 mètres
Diameter : 51 cm
Weight : 1300 kg
AccessTrap doors for transmission maintenance
AnemometerStandard (Better protection against wind gusts).
Solar panelStandard (For maintenance purposes, recharge the battery when the panel is not used).
DeceleratorsSuperior: rotation completes in 4m30s
Inferior: centrifuge clutch - 10-inch diameter.
WARRANTY10 years (except for the clutch).

étoile 2 or 4 blade propeller Carbon fiber

Lenght5,40 à 5,70 metres
Rotational speed585 rot/min
ModellingIn a 3D virtual environment.
StabilityDynamic balance for oscillations
4 blade propellers- 50 % noise pollution

étoile Enclosure

 Galvanised sheet-metal 1,5 - 3 mm
AccessEasy access on all sides of the engine via 4 doors and a security locking system.
Resistance Extreme conditions
OptionConnected alarm (SMS) + siren.

étoile OPERATION SYSTEM > deepsea

start / stopAutomatic. The user adjusts the starting temperature.
LCD screenParameter control while the engine is running
temperature sensorsLower, at the ground level
+ Upper, in the upper part of the tower
Tracing / ControlRemote diagnosis via smartphone or PC
(SIM card subscription).

* Theoretical layout under the influence of air mass, with positive thermal inversion, air humidity of 75%, non-dry soils, without winds, with sufficient heating, within the limit of a white frost of -2.5°C. This document has only an indicative and non-contractual informative value, not engaging the responsibility of RN7AS, nor the results obtained.

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